GDPR Privacy Policy

GDPR Privacy Policy

A. Introduction

The privacy of our website visitors is very important to us and we are committed to protecting it. This policy explains what we will do with your personal information. Allowing us to use cookies under this policy on your first visit to our site allows cookies to be used each time you visit our website.

B. Source

This document was created with a template provided by SEQ Legal and edited by Website Planet and published by Kudzu.

C. Collection of Personal Information

The following types of personal information may be collected, stored and used:

  1. Information about your computer, including IP address, geographic location, browser type and version, and operating system;
  2. Information about your visit and use of the site, including reference source, duration of visit, page views, and navigation paths;
  3. Information such as your e-mail address you provide to register on our site;
  4. Information you provide when creating a profile on our site, such as your name, profile picture, gender, birthday, relationship status, interests and hobbies, education and employment status;
  5. Information you provide when subscribing to our e-mails and/or newsletters, such as your name and e-mail address;
  6. The information you enter while using the services on our site;
  7. Information generated while using our site, including when, how often and under what conditions;
  8. Information about anything you purchase, a service you use, or a transfer you make through our site, including your name, address, phone number, email address, and credit card information;
  9. Information you submit to our site for the purpose of sharing on the internet using our site, including your username, profile picture and the content of your post;
  10. Any communication content you send via our site or e-mail, including communication content and metadata;
  11. Any other personal information you send to us.

Before you provide us with another person’s personal information, you must obtain that person’s consent that the information will be shared and processed in accordance with this policy.

D. Use of Your Personal Information

Personal information sent to us through our site will be used for the purposes specified in this policy or on the relevant pages of the site. We may use your personal information for the following purposes:

  1. administering our site and our business;
  2. personalize our site for you;
  3. To enable you to use the services on our site;
  4. To send you the products you have purchased from our site;
  5. To provide services purchased from our site;
  6. Send you notifications, invoices and payment reminders and receive payments from you;
  7. To establish non-marketing commercial communications with you;
  8. To send you email notifications that you specifically request;
  9. To send you our e-mail newsletter if you have requested it (you can notify us at any time if you do not want the newsletter);
  10. To send you marketing content that we think will be useful to you, by our business or carefully selected third-party businesses, by mail, e-mail or similar technologies (you can notify us at any time if you do not want the marketing content);
  11. Provide third parties with statistical information about our users (however, these third parties cannot identify any users using this information);
  12. To resolve complaints and requests made by or about you regarding our site;
  13. To keep our site secure and prevent fraud;
  14. Verify that our website is used in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions (including tracking messages sent via the private message service on our site); and
  15. For other purposes.

If you submit personal information for publication on our site, we will publish that information or use it under the license you have given us.

Your privacy settings can limit the publication of your information on our site and can be changed through the privacy controls on the site.

We will not pass your personal information on to any third party or the direct marketing departments of other third parties unless you have given your express consent.

E. Sharing Personal Information

We may transmit your personal information to our employees, officers, insurers, professional consultants, agencies, suppliers or subcontractors as long as the purposes set out in this policy so require.

We may transmit your personal information to other affiliates of our company (meaning our affiliates, parent holding company and its affiliates) as long as the purposes set out in this policy require it.

We may share your personal information in the following situations:

  1. Where legally required;
  2. Regarding ongoing or potential legal processes;
  3. To protect, enforce and defend our own legal rights (including forwarding information to others for fraud prevention and credit risk reduction);
  4. To the buyers (or potential buyers) of all businesses and assets that we sell (or intend to sell) and
  5. If we have reasonable opinions that the court or authorized persons and institutions will decide to disclose personal information, if he or she applies to a person we believe can apply to the court for the disclosure of personal information.

Except as provided in this policy, we do not share your personal information with third parties.

F. International Data Transfers

  1. The information we collect may be transferred, stored and processed in the countries in which we operate to be used for the purposes specified in this policy.
  2. The information we collect may be transferred to the following countries that do not have data protection laws equivalent to those in the European Economic Area: the United States, Russia, Japan, China and India.
  3. The information you share on our website or send for sharing can be accessed from all over the world through our website. We cannot prevent this information from being exploited by others.
  4. You expressly consent to the transfer of personal information set forth in Section F.

G. Retention of Personal Information

    1. Section G specifies data retention policies and procedures designed to ensure that we meet our legal obligations regarding the retention and deletion of personal information.
    2. The personal information we process cannot be kept longer than required by the stated purpose or purposes.
    3. Without affecting Article G-2, we usually delete personal information that falls into the following categories, on the following date/time:
      1. Your site access information, 2 years after data is generated
      2. Data for marketing, 3 months after data generation
    4. Notwithstanding the other provisions in Section G, we retain documents (including electronic documents) containing personal data:
      1. Where legally required;
      2. Where we believe the documents are related to ongoing or potential legal processes, and
      3. To protect, enforce and defend our own legal rights (including forwarding information to others to prevent fraud and reduce credit risk).

H. Security of Your Personal Information

  1. We take reasonable technical and organizational measures to prevent the loss, abuse or alteration of your personal data.
  2. We store all your personal information on secure (password and firewall protected) servers.
  3. All financial transfers made through our site are protected by encryption technology.
  4. You acknowledge that data transmission over the Internet is not secure due to the nature of the Internet and we cannot guarantee the security of data sent over the Internet.
  5. It is your responsibility to keep the password you use to access our site confidential, we do not ask you to provide your password (except when you log in to our site).

I. Changes

We may change this policy from time to time and publish the new version on our website. You should check this page from time to time to make sure you understand possible changes to this policy. We may notify you of changes to this policy by email or via the private messaging system on our site.

J. Your Rights

You may request that we forward information we hold about you to you; To obtain this information, the following are required:

  1. Payment of fees
  2. You provide documents proving your identity (We usually accept a notarized copy of your ID or passport for this purpose and an invoice showing your current address).

We may retain the information you request to the extent permitted by law.

You may instruct us at any time not to use your personal information for marketing purposes.

In practice, you expressly consent to our use of your personal information for marketing purposes, or we give you the option of not using your personal information for marketing purposes.

K. Third Party Websites

Our site contains links and details to third party sites. We have no control over and cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies and practices of third parties.

L. Updating Information

Please let us know when personal information about you needs to be corrected or updated.

M. Cookies

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a file containing an identifier (a string of letters and numbers) sent to and stored on the server by the network server. Then the identifier is sent back to the server every time the browser requests a page from the server. Cookies can be “persistent” or “session” cookies: the persistent cookie is stored by the browser and deleted on the expiration date, unless deleted by the user by the expiration date; session cookie is deleted when the browser is closed at the end of the user session. Cookies do not contain information that can be used to identify the user, but the information we store about you may be associated with the data in the cookies. We use both persistent and session cookies on our website.You can review our Cookie Policy regarding the cookies we use on our website here.

Most browsers allow you to refuse the use of cookies. You can usually make such settings in the privacy section of the options in the menu of the browsers you use. You can block all cookies with the appropriate options. Blocking all cookies will restrict the usability of many websites. If you block cookies, you will not be able to use all the features on our site. You can also do this for cookies stored on your computer or device. Deleting cookies will restrict the usability of many websites.

N. Email Security

Never write your credit card number or passwords in the e-mails or form descriptions you send to us regarding any form. Information contained in e-mails can be viewed by third parties. Our company cannot guarantee the security of the information transferred from your e-mails under any circumstances.

O. Latest Information

Our company may change the provisions of this “Privacy Statement” at any time by posting it on the site or by sending an e-mail to users or publishing it on its site. If the provisions of the Privacy Statement are changed, they will take effect on the date of publication.

For any questions or suggestions regarding our Privacy Statement, you can send an e-mail to

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